Regional Equality

Currently, Montréal and its surrounding areas are divided into 8 zones, each one more expensive than the other. University and CÉGEP students who live in and around Montréal can pay up to $210 for a monthly TRAM pass (which includes metro, bus and train). For many, this is a large financial hurdle and it can create an inequality to the universal right of access to education.

I therefore propose that we draw inspiration from the Navigo package, which was created by the Ile-de-France Mobilité in France. This means that a New Democratic government will work with the various transportation agencies in Québec to create a universal student fare. This universal fare will be affordable so every student can take public transit and have more money in their pockets.

Dreaming of better Public Transportation

In Novermber 2017, Montrealers chose Valérie Plante as their mayor. Montrealers voted for better public transportation and we’re here to answer the call. We will seriously study the pink line’s feasibility, a proposal by Projet Montréal in the 2017 municipal election. Inspired by Valérie Plante’s desire to increase metro services on the island of Montreal, we will take into consideration the possibility of a new line between Ville Saint-Laurent and Pointe-Aux-Trembles.  We will also prioritize the blue line extension in the eastern part of  Montréal. Finally, we will extend the yellow line by three stations, all the way to the Roland-Therrien Boulevard, which will pass through the Édouard-Montpetit CÉGEP in Longueuil.

We approve the Electric Metropolitan Network project and are considering a second phase for this project.

When it comes to Québec City, the soil is too dense for the construction of a metro line. Therefore, we would like to implement the tramway project, a project that was studied for its feasibility in 2015.

Electric public transportation and the increase of electric cars are vital to the achievement of our environmental goals.


Modernizing our Transportation System

Our province needs to modernize our transportation system so people are able to get to different cities faster. A high speed and effective interurban public transit system would allow us to unite our business communities across the province and improve travel times for our population and tourists between major cities in Québec. I will pressure the federal government to finance, in partnership with Québec, a high-speed transportation system between Ottawa, Toronto, Québec, and Montréal.



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