Developing our Public Education System

Our public system needs to be further developed. In Québec, we have a privately subsidized system which uses public funds, allowing for a 2 tier system. This allows the more financially comfortable class to obtain a higher quality of education at the expense of everyone else.

I propose to eliminate private school financing gradually in a period of 15 years. During this transition, a New Democratic government, under my leadership, will use the freed up money for the renovation and construction of new schools, an increase in personnel, more teachers, and an increase in extracurricular courses and activities in schools.

Affordable school textbooks

Currently in Quebec, each school board buys their own textbooks. This means they end up paying astronomically high prices, causing increases to the cost of education overall. This method only benefits the school textbook industry, an industry with few players.

We propose to centralize the purchasing of textbooks through the creation of a textbook purchasing office. It will be part of the Ministry of Education. This office will be responsible with the analysis of the quality of subject matter and the conformity with school curricula of the textbooks and will also be responsible for price negotiation of these textbooks. This will give the government large negotiation power and will save our taxpayers money.


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