Citizens - helping supply electricity

Currently, Hydro-Québec offers no compensation to people who generate their own electricity and want to redistribute their surplus electricity. While Hydro-Québec is the only company allowed to sell electricity in Québec, we must understand that it is unfair to those who cannot re-sell their surplus electricity, which is a growing number of people.

I have no intention in selling Hydro-Québec. It is our best way of developing an economy of clean energy. I do have the intention of allowing Québecers to lower their taxes in exchange of surplus electricity that they produce in their own proper households.

I propose to support the construction and development of solar energy roofing, via the creation of a new ecological certification for eco-responsible roofs. This will render households partially or even fully autonomous in terms of the generation and consumption of energy. This certification would make homeowners eligible for a tax credit, to be determined, and free access to the network of charging stations for electric cars in Québec.

The Car of Tomorrow

Electric cars are the cars of tomorrow. Québec hydroelectricity is already one of the cleanest energies in the world. This means that if we are to lower greenhouse gas emissions, we must replace the current cars on the road with green ones.

We would like to force the car industry in enhancing the development and marketing of electric vehicles with a minimum price of less than $40 000 and a tank of at least 250 kilometers. This means, for these types of vehicles, we will not impose the Québec Sales Tax, and will double the existing tax credits, to encourage the rapid and massive adoption of these types of vehicles. The measures that we are proposing will allow for a significant amount of electric cars in the car population within ten years, just until electric cars become the standard and the cost of production and sales price are lower than that of a car running on fuel.


Green Public Transit

La Société de Transports of Montréal (STM) will completely transition their fleet of buses to electric or hybrid buses by 2026. I propose to extend this transition to all of Québec. A New Democratic government must transition all bus fleets of all municipal and interurban commissions to that of electric fleets in Québec.


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